It is OFFICAL!!! This SoCal girl turned Buffalonian is moving on to a new city and starting a new chapter in…(drum roll please)…Calgary! For those Americans who have no idea where this is…it is in Alberta, Canada. For those of you who are still confused, it is above the state of Montana. For those of you who don’t know where Montana is… I can’t help you anymore, go read a book or take a geography class or something.

After being in Buffalo for almost 5 years, it is time for my next adventure. Don’t get me wrong, Buffalo is a very hard city to leave…but when I left home at 18 I told myself I wanted to live in the as many cities as possible. I have met so many amazing people in Buffalo, I have friends who are now family and memories that I could never imagine experiencing in any other city. Western New York is special and underappreciated, and it will truly be hard to pack up and leave…

In what other city can you:

  • Eat chicken wings at the birthplace of wings, Anchor Bar
  • Sit in the New Era Box for Sabres Hockey Game
  • Watch a man get showered with Ketchup and Mustard at a Bills Game
  • Drive 20 minutes and see one of the 7 Wonders of World, Niagara Falls
  • Ride around Downtown Buffalo on a Pedal Bike daydrinking and bar hopping…only to have it break down (you better believe we tried to pedal that thing anyways)
  • Have about 300 people dressed up as Santas for a huge bar crawl called SantaCon
  • Be only 2 hours from Toronto, one of the Fashion Capitals of the World
  • Go to a different country concert every week in the summer, wear cowboy boots, and pretend you are a country girl..yeeehaaawww
  • Get about 10 free coffees during the Roll Up the Rim Contest
  • Have all four seasons and change your entire wardrobe for 4 weeks of Fall
  • Be so close to multiple waterfalls and beautiful hikes
  • Have a subway that connects your College and Downtown Buffalo (great for when you know you are going to get shwasted…don’t drink and drive folks!)
  • Go apple-picking and have the best apple cider slushies
  • Eat this surprisingly amazing Roast Beef Sandwich called Beef on Weck (guarantee those of you not in Buffalo have no idea what this is…you need one!)
  • Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day like it is the better than Christmas  (I am Irish and still don’t understand this hype)

……And so much more……(Sadly most of these involve alcohol. I promise I am not an alcoholic, but Buffalo basically runs on Labatt Blue Light Beer and day drinking)

So many amazing memories and fun adventures in Western New York. I could not imagine spending my young adulthood in any other city. In Buffalo the cost of living is low, education is great, food is amazing, nightlife is decent. Not to mention there are Canadian boys everywhere and people’s love for this city is undeniable.

Buffalo stole my heart and you better believe I will be back to visit. However living by the motto of this blog…I have to go explore and travel! I can’t wait to immerse myself in a new city and start a new Canadian adventure….wish me luck!