As I said in my first workout post, I strongly believe that if you feel pretty and good at the gym you will have a better workout and grow your confidence. Part of killing it in the gym is making sure you have an outfit you feel skinny and a little sexy in.

People ask me where I get my workout clothes and the brands I consider the “best.” My answers might surprise you but I dedicated this post to the brands I wear, tips to finding the right workout clothes for you, and how to use those clothes to feel and look your best!

My workout wardrobe varies in price from $10 to $70. I believe that quality is most important when it comes to workout clothes, but my most expensive pieces were gifted to me. I try my hardest to find top quality for the lowest prices.

Outfit 1: Victoria Secret Sport


These two pieces were given to me by my sister for Christmas. I love the colors and the leggings are high waisted, have pockets for your phone, do not show sweat, and are very good quality. I would definitely recommend VSX. The only thing I would say is their sports bras are nothing special and a little pricey. When it comes to price, leggings…definitely worth it. Sports bra…not so much.

Outfit 2: Betsey Johnson 


I know what you are thinking….Betsey Johnson makes workout clothes?!?! Yes she does and they are adorable. I know with that designer name, you are probably thinking, “Well how much does that cost?” This adorable bra only cost me $12 at Marshalls.

IMG_4449Tip: Marshalls has some of the best workout clothes. Good quality for low prices is their slogan, but it is 100% true. They have brands like Nike, New Balance, Reebok, Adidas, all the good stuff. Whenever you are in there…take a stroll through the workout section. Trust me you won’t regret it.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to ask the employees when they get their new shipments of clothes in and try to go those days because as soon as the good clothes are gone they are gone.

This outfit includes the same VSX pants, but this adorable bra makes this outfit great. Also, throw a lower cut tank top over top to show off the fun front design of the bra.


Outfit 3: LuLu Lemon


Being in Canada for little less than 2 weeks and I see a Lulu lemon symbol on almost every girl’s butt (no I am not checking them out, usually checking out their cute leggings.) I never really understood the hype of Lulu until I received my first pair as a gift from my boyfriend. However, he bought these leggings at the Lulu outlet in St. Catharine’s (same quality and about $50 cheaper…win win)

Lulu’s are great quality, stay in place, and have a lifetime warranty. One of the seams on my old pair ripped…I walked into a regular Lulu lemon store and the employee there switched out my ripped pair for a brand new pair, no questions asked.

So although they are pricey, ultimately they are worth it and make your legs look toned and give your butt a nice shape.

IMG_4457The shirt is also from Marshalls, an unknown brand that only cost me $14. I was looking for a long sleeve that was flattering so I was so excited when I found this hidden gem. It is tight in the arms, which shows my definition, and is just short enough in the back to show a little of my butt (that I have been working so hard on.) Long sleeves can be cute too! You just have to try them on to make sure they aren’t                                                                                 too tight.

Tip: If you are like me and sweat a lot..only buy long sleeves in darker colors that won’t show your armpit sweat.  No matter what fabric the shirt is (Dryfit or breathable fabric) it will still show some sweat…trust me!


This second shirt is from Fabletics. I love the longer crop tops and this one has built in padding. Fabletics is only getting better and cuter things. Although they are a bit pricey, it is definitely worth it to sign up and take full advantage of their signup offers. (You can cancel your membership right after) Although this shirt shows a little sweat, I love wearing it on outdoor activities like hikes and weekend walks to cute coffee shops.

This post is getting a little long so these last two outfits are from Old Navy and Mashalls. Both great quality and both outfits were under $30. Warning: Old Navy’s workout clothes are fun and cute but the leggings rarely stay in place when I go on runs or do squats.


Last Quick Tip

When you are trying on new leggings. While you are in the dressing room bend over and look at your butt in the mirror or look back as you do a single squat. Make sure the leggings are not see through or you will regret it when you realize it half way through your leg workout at the gym!

Hope these tips and slight breakdown of the brands I wear, help when you go shopping for new cute gym outfits. Remember you don’t have to spend a crazy amount to find high quality pieces…you just have to do a little digging.