A healthy lifestyle isn’t just eating salad every day for a week or skipping lunch because you had a giant breakfast. A healthy lifestyle is all about changing your habits, telling yourself your body deserves it and feeding off the perks that come with a healthier body (like increased energy, clearer skin, happier attitude and more self-confidence.)

However, life does get in the way of your fitness goals and it is important to see that week or two you took off as motivation. See it as a recharge as opposed to a setback or cancellation of all the previous hard work you have put in. Wanting to take a break and relax is normal, just don’t let it go on for too long. Reflect on those days you took off and use them to get right back to the healthy body you want.

This post is all about the 10 days I started to slack. However, I am going to use that break to fuel my new goals and get the body I want for summer! Note: This post is hard for me to admit because as a “health and fitness blogger” I try to set a good example and taking 10 days off isn’t much of a “role-model” move, but I am human and this blog is REAL and everyone takes breaks, some just longer than others. I plan to come back more fit and toned than ever so hopefully this post will motivate you guys to not get discouraged and use that fuel to reach your goals!

My “break” started with an 8-hour road trip and Bachelorette 4 day weekend in Kelowna, BC. (For those of you who don’t know what Kelowna is…cough….cough…Americans, it is the Napa Valley of Canada and it is gorgeous!)


Anyways…clearly a bachelorette weekend consists of a lot of alcohol so I knew that the weekend wasn’t going to be a very healthy one. Also being in a hotel, it is hard to not eat out every night and pick the healthier option on the menu. So in preparation for this unhealthy long weekend, I made my peanut butter banana protein balls (recipe is found on my home page) for the ride there along with healthier snacks such as fruit and trail mix. Luckily I was with a group of girls who came prepared and brought sandwiches for the drive up…as opposed to being tempted with only fast food options along the way. They also went to Costco ahead of time and got breakfast foods and snacks so we wouldn’t have to pay for those throughout the weekend (Genius…although I mainly had peanut butter and bananas every morning it was still a better option than a plate full of pancakes or a giant omelet.

Anyway…Kelowna was beautiful, the weekend was fun, a lot of alcohol and wine wereIMG_7395 consumed, but overall it was worth it!

As you can guess, when you take time off it is hard to get back into your healthy routine. I tried my best and did what I could, but ultimately the odds were stacked against me the following week….

When I returned home from the May long weekend, our fridge was practicallyIMG_7392 empty...meaning we had to eat out one more night and get our grocery shopping done instead. Tuesday we had 2 beach volleyball games that got in the way of us going to the gym. Wednesday it was raining all day and my motivation was nonexistent. Thursday we attempted a gym session, but I pushed myself too hard and felt light headed the whole workout. Friday is Friday and that means trying a new restaurant, having a couple drinks, and celebrating the fact that the weekend is here. Saturday consisted of Mat’s work event and 3 hockey games for a tournament. A busy schedule consisted of multiple unhealthy food choices, but now my cravings are out of the way (I know what your are thinking…excuses, excuses…again, not proud to admit this!)

As you can see…Life gets in the way and it is hard to get the motivation to put your body first. So when Sunday rolled around Mat and I were determined to not be lazy bums. We ate a healthy breakfast and headed out to the mountains to enjoy a hike in the perfect 65-degree weather.


It wasn’t until we started taking pictures and feeling out of shape on our 20km hike that we decided enough was enough. No more slacking…it’s go time! Monday (yesterday) would be the start of our disciplined eating and fitness routines.

In the end, 10 days was more then I planned to take off, but now I can use that motivation to get back on track and I am hoping my readers and this blog will help me stay motivated. Not gonna lie…writing this post gives me the feeling that I let you guys down and I don’t want to feel that way again.

My advice is to use your “break” as a recharge and come back stronger and better than ever. Slacking is normal, but try to remember the perks of a healthier lifestyle and don’t let the hard work you have put in,  go to waste!

You guys are beautiful and I know burgers, pizza, wine, beer, and Netflix are tempting, but don’t let your slip ups determine your insecurities. Come back stronger and set new goals for yourself. Summer is here…now’s the time!