CRSSD is Southern California’s kick-off to Festival Season, with Coachella right around the corner, people are starting to plan every aspect of their spring and summer music festivals. Hopefully, these tips and tricks I recently learned will help you plan an epic Festival Season!


For girls, planning begins WEEKS ahead of time…..starting with the OUTFIT! We start with countless hours on Pinterest, taking different accessories and articles of clothing from different looks and try to visualize an outfit altogether (like a fricken jigsaw puzzle with missing pieces….rough.)


Disclaimer: By no means do I think I am some fashionista, stylist, or fashion blogger….I am just a girl who struggled to find a festival outfit that was cute, fashionable, functional and my personal style. 

Fortunately, popular and affordable online stores have started to create entire clothing lines dedicated towards festival looks. Use these! They are so helpful. A couple of the online stores I used were of course:


  1. Forever 21 – Sheer Black Top ($20)
  2. Tobi – Red Floral Crop ($15)
  3. Windsor – Sunglasses (under $10)
  4. Accessories – Icing (Buy 3, get 3 free)
  5. TopShop – Both pairs of Jeans (Jonis)

Although these might be “safe” looks for a festival, I am not a person who normally wears super trendy, obnoxious or attention-grabbing articles of clothing. That being said… I will say, festivals are the perfect time to push your boundaries and wear an outfit that makes you feel like anyone you wanna be! So go for it, but for my first festival… I wanted to dip my toes in the fountain (literally), not immediately jump into the deep end with pasties, booty shorts, and a light up bra. But hey! If that is what you are into, go for it!


A couple other things I learned along the way….

  1. Depending on the time of year and the location of the festival…don’t be afraid to wear layers. Although they aren’t always the cutest… after it gets dark nobody can really see your adorable, trendy outfit anyways…so wear the jacket and you will be so much happier…trust me!
  2. Most festivals have lockers you can rent, ahead of time. Whoever thought of this is genius! So take advantage of that…especially if you know you are going to be with a lot of people and bringing a lot of stuff.  TIP: you can also use the lockers as a meeting spot if you get lost or separated from the group – yes festivals have a lot of similarities to Disneyland. Think of them as Disneyland for Adults!
  3. Don’t bring lip gloss or opened chapstick. Some security people will take your lipsticks, lip gloss, and opened chapstick…And if you just spent $8 on a drugstore lipgloss you know how frustrating it is to watch that $8 tube get thrown in the trash. HOWEVER, you can bring chapstick that is unopened and still sealed shut. So if you MUST HAVE your chapstick bring a fresh one.
  4. Similar to an Airport…you can bring a water bottle in. It just has to be empty when you enter. Also, there are water fountains everywhere so save yourself $20 on a days supply of water and bring a reusable bottle.
  5. Wear comfortable shoes…I can’t stress this enough…probably because I have a bad ankle, but I didn’t realize that it would be 2 straight days of walking, dancing, and non-stop movement. Although it is important for your shoes to look cute and add to the outfit, make sure they are shoes you can wear all day. If you must…wear heels in pictures before you leave, then wear your comfy shoes to dance all night in…nobody will know 😉


Although these might have been things you already knew, they happened to slip my mind in all the planning and excitement of FESTIVAL SEASON.

Last note I will leave you with…go to festivals with an open mind and remember that although you may think people are judging your outfit, dance moves, or excessive picture taking…in reality you are just a glittery fish in a sea of people trying to have fun and enjoy every minute of their own festival experience.