This post might turn a few heads and stir up a little controversy, but I want to just say right off the back 1) I don’t believe everything I watch/read 2) I am just trying this lifestyle/way of eating to see how my body reacts 3) I am still living my life and indulging in things if the time or craving is right!

In April I watched a documentary called “What the Health” on Netflix. If you guys haven’t seen it, I would recommend it BUT….just know what you are getting into. The documentary is very well done, but like most documentaries…it has a bit of a motive. The film informs its audience of facts, opinions, and controversies in order to persuade its audience to be less naive to the food system and to entice people to adopt a vegan lifestyle.

If you guys know me, you know how much I love cheese and ice cream so obviously going VEGAN is out of the question. However, after watching this film, my eyes were opened to a new diet/lifestyle I have adopted. I like to consider myself #Plant-Based! 

Being plant-based isn’t some crazy form of eating like raw food diet (where you are vegetarian and you can’t even cook your vegetables.) I love me some cooked veggies! Plant-Based just simply means that my meals are mainly, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains. I do eat a little bit of cheese and dairy, white meats like chicken and turkey, and fish. I will say…the documentary completely turned me off from Beef and Pork. I have not had a hamburger, bacon, hotdog, ribs, or ham since April!

As you can see from these photos, my meals are colorful, all different, take up the whole plate, and are very healthy. Going plant-based was a challenge at first, but as soon as you find meat substitutes you like (like lentils, mushrooms, or soy if you are into that stuff)…meals become just as easy to prepare as the traditional American dinners.

IMG_1686Also, a perk of eating mainly plant-based foods is you can afford to indulge in more than you used to, meaning you get to eat more (which I am a huge fan of!)  Growing up I am sure you never heard your mom say no when you asked for veggies at the dinner table.

Now that I have been learning all different diets and the science behind them through the Institue of Integrative Nutrition (check out my other post Time to Practice What I Preach) ..don’t fear… I am not depriving myself of the vitamins, nutrients, protein, fiber, and other misconceptions that come along when people think vegetarians and vegans are missing out. I always feel full and now understand that things like healthy fats and carbohydrates can fill you up just as much as a 4oz piece of steak.

IMG_1611So far, I am in love with the results of this new lifestyle/diet. I have lost about 5 pounds of stubborn weight that I could never get rid of, the bloating in my stomach has gone down, my skin is clearer and brighter, I have more energy throughout the day, I have fallen in love with home-cooking and experimenting with new recipes, also I am less naive to the food industry and what society puts out there as a “healthy diet.”

As of now, I continue to eat the things I love and will continue to be #plantbased until my body lets me know otherwise.

If you guys have any questions about becoming #plantbased or are looking for some more facts/help on starting a new diet…let me know!